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jihadofthenafsPosted - 18 December 2002 16:55  Show Profile
Everyone who uses this site: know that it is complete BS! It''s stupid; the questions are stupid. What kind of SAT practice site lets people put up advertisements for "free term papers???" It''s ridiculous...
Crystalfielding Posted - 4 February 2003 11:59  Show Profile
This site is not crap it helps others dumb ass!!!!!
Newport17 Posted - 27 March 2003 13:38  Show Profile
Why are u talking about this site? You must be in need of desperate help or something. I think you are just saying shit like that because u are trying to keep people down who are doing better than u. Stop hatin'' BITCH
zhenry63 Posted - 5 April 2003 17:0  Show Profile
This is not a bad site. I think that if you think that it is crap, why don''t you quit browsing it?
jessicanewsom Posted - 9 April 2003 21:23  Show Profile
Hey, I don''t know who you are,but it sound like you need to go back to your parents or someone and get help because this is not BS this program is to help better people so that they can be somebody. Unlike you well I say that is a different story, you sound like you are not going to get too far in your life.......oh well your problems aren''t ours, so just GET OUT of this program because we sure don''t need anyone like you in here!!!!!!!!!! BYE!
godsdiamond Posted - 24 June 2006 13:10  Show Profile
I disagree. I feel that this site is great! If you actually are seeking help. Hey! Thats the first step. So, the guy that thought this site was not so good, you should actually go to a different website, and chat with people that like to talk the way you do. People on this site actually are trying to succeed. But then there are people like you that put people like us down. So please, if you actually think that this site is not so good, then just go to another one. So simple.
afjrotcds Posted - 28 December 2006 15:24  Show Profile
Does anybody know if they time you on the practice ACT or SAT test or not

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