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fell1234Posted - 5 November 2008 1:53  Show Profile
This is the first question of the test. sorry im not sure how to express (to the power) with a keyboard.

Express 2,750,389 in scientific notation.

1. 27.50389 x 105 (10 to the fifth and so on for every answer)
2. 275.0389 x 103
3. 27.50389 x 106
4. 0.2750389 x 107
5. 2.750389 x 106

Now the listed correct answer is 5. But isnt answer 1 also correct? Or am i a retard and missing something obvious?

AngelDust69 Posted - 5 November 2008 14:28  Show Profile
2,750,389</P><P> O.k I&quot;ll try to explain this to you. Its pretty simply. When you have 2,750,389 and to find out what the notion is you just go from the first number and right beside it point a point. And then from there on from the point, you count how many are after that. And thats why your answer is the last question. Do you get it????
AngelDust69 Posted - 5 November 2008 14:30  Show Profile
(scientific notation)</P><P>Oh yea, and every scientific notation they give you, you always do the same. Type me back if you don't get it.

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