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ericparksPosted - 26 October 2008 18:52  Show Profile
how do i know if i passed or not based on my over all score of 65.23%. what does that mean for me
AngelDust69 Posted - 29 October 2008 13:55  Show Profile
Do you have a teacher you could ask? My G.E.D teacher has waaay different scores than what everyone else is talking about. They score them in like 47's 50's. And in like math I would have to get a 41.
michelleperez29 Posted - 4 November 2008 13:29  Show Profile
The GED Test requires 2,250 Points total to pass the test. There are 5 parts to the test. You must average 450 points per test; minimum 410 pts per test. For instance,if you score 800pts on language arts, which is the highest, you can score per test,and made 375pts on two other parts of the test you've adverage out your score and over because you made 800pts on language arts.

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