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July1984Posted - 3 December 2002 9:5  Show Profile
Adamsgirl Posted - 12 June 2008 19:47  Show Profile
did u take the GED if u did can u help me i dont know exacly what i need to study
kanoelani22 Posted - 5 January 2009 20:17  Show Profile
I need help w/ my ged test too. I am going to take it in Feb. and I don't know what to cram on first, the math or social studies. any advise. Does anyone know what the total score needs to be because I heard you have to get a 70% or above. Please help.
drollisgirl07 Posted - 8 January 2009 20:41  Show Profile
I am about to take the exam also, I don't know what to study! please help!
cerpintaxt Posted - 26 February 2009 15:23  Show Profile
the ways that I am studying for the GED are:<BR>.studying with a friend<BR>make printouts of questions, get a friend or two together and go through em' with each other. if you cannot answer a question, that's where your friend can help.<BR>.use the internet<BR>you can easily look up GED material that is going to be on the test. it will not give exact questions, because they change all the time, but it will give you a hint of what to expect and what you need to brush up on<BR>.learn your graphs<BR>graphs are on almost every section of the GED. the answers to these lie right in front of your face.<BR>.formulas<BR>chances are you will get the formulas to use, just have a calculator handy. try looking for practice questions online, many of sites.</P><P>the best way to learn it is by doing it.<BR>there's no faster way than doing it yourself.

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