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jasgedPosted - 4 October 2008 15:36  Show Profile
okay,so i started my ged this QUARTER.but not to know im on verbs,adverbs,nouns,pronouns,adjectives.
dont i feel like a idiot.
but my friends family are supporting me with my descision to take advantage of this edu while im young,im only 24. Plus school is extra hard if you have got a learning disabilty. but im head in.hey if i can follow thru with this there no telling what i will accomplish next.so to everyone out there.......


silvermist1 Posted - 8 October 2008 11:50  Show Profile
hey, congrats! i know you dont know me, but im doing the same thing, and its good to know that im not the only one doing this @ 23.... way to go, & i hope you go threw with it.... (3:-)

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