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mouniPosted - 4 October 2008 3:3  Show Profile
Confusing Words
Reference: www.grevocabulary.org
There are lots of pairs of words in the English language that look or sound the same and yet mean something completely different! Now that you are skilled with using your imagination to help you learn words, realize that your imagination can help you address this problem as well!

Here's an example:

Confusing Words: DEFACE (to spoil or disfigure appearance) and EFFACE (to wipe out)

Using your imagination:

Imagine someone doing graffiti and DEFACING a wall by drawing a big D-shaped FACE. He gets caught and is told to EFFACE the graffiti using a big sponge in the shape of the letter E!

Here is a list of commonly confused words. You should ensure that you have learned them before your test.

ambiguous and ambivalent
emulate and imitate
descry and decry
engender and endanger
deprecation and depreciation
fission and fusion
extant and extent
corroborate and collaborate
endemic and epidemic
dissemble and disassemble
indigenous and indigent
ingenuous and ingenious
infer and imply
insensible and insensitive
effect and affect
viscous and vicious

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