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chickenladyPosted - 2 October 2008 13:26  Show Profile
I heard that if you do poorly in the math part, that if you score high in the other areas it will compensate for the low math score. Is that true? And whats the percentage of correct answers you have to give to pass?
sbrooks41209 Posted - 12 November 2008 13:5  Show Profile
naw even if you do bad in one area it wont count in the other if you don't pass in that one area, but if you get a 410 ( which is passing) in one area then you got to get higher then a 410 in another or a few others... Good Luck if you want to email me email me at lil_bit_41209@yahoo.com <BR> Duce.....<BR>
AngelDust69 Posted - 13 November 2008 13:39  Show Profile
It all depends what you scored in all your other subjects. What state are you from? Each state scores different.

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