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lauriRigglePosted - 24 September 2008 9:31  Show Profile
I'm Studying for the ASVAB exam 5hrs. a day !. Take real exam next month October. Took practice exam on 4test.com scored a 96.40 % ! Branch i decided on is USMC. I feel more confident with my math & vocabulary. Career i want is MP. My Family is so proud of the decision i made to serve my country with honor & pride in my heart.
Foxpawz Posted - 24 September 2008 14:52  Show Profile
Can you tell me how your studying?<BR>I need some help with this...Im not sure how to study for this test and I've been out of hs a few years.
lauriRiggle Posted - 25 September 2008 19:41  Show Profile
You need to know the basic formula(s) for Mathmatic knowledge &amp; Arthmetic reasoning. You can use when taking exam to pulg in the numbers on problems. ( Memorize &amp; write down on blank paper ) How you can begin to study ? Various exams on-line (make sure to learn how to work problems out ) &amp; various asvab books ( 2008 edition ) Or asvab for dummies. Please e-mail me i have a web address with everything covered on both math sections. <BR>Javapoet81@yahoo.com &amp; if you need anything else or have more questions . I'll like to help you ! &amp; Good luck.
priscillasmith Posted - 6 December 2008 21:6  Show Profile
Hi,<BR>I'm studying for the asvab. I took my first test on here and scored like 25% ...I think..Not sure .... but I took another test today after studying like crazy every night before I go to bed because I work all day... My score today was 67%. That was only with the arithmetic reasoning and Mathematics Knowlege.... I can pretty much handle the rest...Word Knowlege and all the other stuff....I don't know anything about mechanics or electric stuff.... I do have to brush up on the science though...</P><P>Anyway..I am trying to get into the air force and I am strongly aiming for 100%!!!! I want to get the best job I can possibly get into. Not only that, it feels good to know what I used to know 5 years ago... I feel like I'm in school again with all the studying...lol..</P><P>Anyway, I will email you if it is okay. Any help I can get will be very much appreciated....</P><P>My name is Priscilla by the way, and it was very nice to meet you. My email address is priscillasmith-svas@hotmail.com... <BR>Thanks again...
220122a Posted - 6 January 2009 16:44  Show Profile
i'm like so lost in everything i really need help could u help me.

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