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TeeTee17Posted - 15 September 2008 10:7  Show Profile
i finally finished my ged and now I need help with career search. I need to know more about child care service managers.
bossymandy Posted - 15 September 2008 13:46  Show Profile
congrats i hope you go to college
sbrooks41209 Posted - 5 November 2008 13:50  Show Profile
just stay positive and make college your next step... GOOD LUCK
AngelDust69 Posted - 5 November 2008 14:23  Show Profile
WOW thats awesome! ! ! Whatever you decide to do I wish the best of luck to you. I am still waiting for my GED Test results. Then I will look for a cooking job.:)
Jswengbe Posted - 6 November 2008 13:50  Show Profile
CONGRATS! was it hard for you. I can't wait until I get where you are. Tell me something did this website help you at all. E-mail me @: JSwengbe@4testmail.com

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