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locke23337Posted - 28 November 2002 23:14  Show Profile
What is the grade you need to pass the GED?
July1984 Posted - 5 December 2002 9:53  Show Profile
225 is a passing graded but you also need a 45 avg.
marilynsqn Posted - 19 February 2003 10:17  Show Profile
410 is the average you need to pass
MISSYKIMMM Posted - 27 February 2003 10:48  Show Profile
l0velyreality Posted - 1 March 2003 18:24  Show Profile
you have to score 410 in each subject a total of 2250 to pass the whole test, but the good thing is if you fail a part you only have to go back for that part!
smunchie1982 Posted - 7 February 2006 9:53  Show Profile
k i made 410+ on all of my subjects and i still failed...so how is it 410 for you to pass but i didnt? thats really messed up!!!!
bmcrae1973 Posted - 22 February 2006 17:0  Show Profile
im not sure if the passing scores vary by state but here in Ga you have to get at least a 430
momysg Posted - 25 February 2006 14:3  Show Profile
IT dose vary by state!!!
glogirl Posted - 21 March 2006 7:16  Show Profile
Does anyone know the Ged score you have to make in Tx.
Buehlz Posted - 25 July 2006 13:47  Show Profile
410 is passing but you have to have an ave score of 450 to reach the total score of 2250
casnrob Posted - 27 July 2006 14:49  Show Profile
what is the score you need in florida? and can you just take the tests or is there classes for the ged?
Georgene Posted - 27 July 2006 17:0  Show Profile
In Wisconsin you need 410 to pass a test, but a total of at least 2250 points for all 5 tests. </P><P>Georgene<BR>www.learningtrends.com

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