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djelementPosted - 5 September 2008 9:54  Show Profile
I mastered the ASVAB practice test. I didn't memorize it. I took it 6 times doing all the work and all the orders of operations and took it again right befor I went to MEPS at 4 in the morning. HOOAH!!
lauriRiggle Posted - 25 September 2008 21:37  Show Profile
Congratulations ! yay What was meps like ? im worried i'll be DQ or need a wavior ?. My recuriter informed me i need to score a 50. for usmc
alicia619 Posted - 14 June 2009 21:57  Show Profile
is the asvab hard i have to go take it tomorrow and im nervous as heck i've taken this tes a couple of times and my score keeps getting better and batter but im still worried about the test
branum0341 Posted - 19 June 2009 16:9  Show Profile
The asvab isnt that hard...i have marines that have scored lower than a 50...but im a grunt so if ur trying for something in the POG field then u might want a higher score than 50...i got a 68 and i still need to redo mine to go EOD...stop stressin about it, like everyting in the military its talked up more than it really is...
Swinder Posted - 20 September 2009 0:4  Show Profile
If you graduated from High School a 50 on this is not a challenge.
djelement Posted - 21 September 2009 11:39  Show Profile
I didn't graduate from high school so it was a challenge.
DArmstrong Posted - 21 September 2009 12:24  Show Profile
I scored a 57 on my asvab pre test and i have no clue if thats any good
roberthayes Posted - 21 September 2009 20:57  Show Profile
The test is important but depending on what service you go into determins what kind of score you need. Then it will brake down into the parts for you service branch and job type.
will1912 Posted - 23 September 2009 17:2  Show Profile
I want to join the military and Im struggling a little bit in math, can any body please help me???
corderor6 Posted - 25 September 2009 18:33  Show Profile
I take my asvab in november i been studyin by how did u get a score like that how did u prepare for it

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