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kedrick23Posted - 3 September 2008 5:38  Show Profile
In less than two days i will be taking the ASVAB for the MARINES CORPS and I jus needed sum help and advise for real test
wetwet Posted - 3 September 2008 9:6  Show Profile
who are u and where u from
kedrick23 Posted - 3 September 2008 12:58  Show Profile
I am from Indiana..and im taking the test 2moro.
wetwet Posted - 4 September 2008 9:11  Show Profile
How old are you
lauriRiggle Posted - 25 September 2008 19:59  Show Profile
Please e-mail me i'm also taking asvab exam for usmc in October. ? Like to know what the test format is &amp; if difficult / easy ?. Especialy Both math sections &amp; Vocabulary. </P><P>Tks &amp; Good luck ! <BR>Javapoet81@yahoo.com <BR>lauri
atomxevil Posted - 2 February 2009 1:11  Show Profile
Good Ol' Parris Island when is your ship date? Or are you current Poolees

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