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hannah9770Posted - 27 August 2008 9:33  Show Profile
When is it best to take the ACT test..I am only a sophmore in high school??
abinaderus Posted - 7 September 2008 21:3  Show Profile
The obvious answer is NEVER. Have your smartest teacher take it for you!
TravisMath Posted - 25 October 2008 21:20  Show Profile
Well, ideally, you should do it every year. It will help you not only practice, but improve your ability to take the test so in thoery you should be able to increase your scores. I have only taken it twice, the second time being today, but as a junior without preparation I got a 30. This time I took the practice test and got a 34 on it. I think I got about the same score today when I took it too.
chelseasblueheart Posted - 27 January 2009 16:35  Show Profile
The best grade to take your SAT is 1o grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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