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CrossbowPosted - 25 October 2002 17:11  Show Profile
Within the part of the A+ Core exam mentioned in the Subject line, there is a question with an answer that is WRONG. Yet it is considered to be correct. The question/answer is as follows (paraphrased):

Q: When the mouse trackball is dirty what should you do?

Answer that is wrong:
If dirty, clean the ball with a damp cloth, and alcohol.

This answer (among the others) is wrong because cleaning the trackball with alcohol will make the rubber ball and other parts begin to degrade and become bad parts. You should only use WATER and a mild soap.

It would greatly be appreciated if this answer was corrected so as to not lead students astray.

If a technician were to follow this answer, he would eventually lose his job because he is following a faulty method of cleaning a mouse.

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