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redXtapedXlipsPosted - 25 August 2008 1:1  Show Profile
I took my test about 2 weeks ago and just got my scores in. I did amazing! I got my scores just in time to register for college courses. :) it's great being able to move on with my life and not be held back from not graduating anymore. Here's so advice for anyone interested.

English and writing are what i'm best at. But I recommend reading daily to increase your reading speed (since the tests are timed) and help expand your vocabulary for the essay. Spelling doesn't count on the essay, so you want to put all your effort into building a well thought out essay.

I failed math twice in high school, but I was 1 or 2 questions off from scoring a 100% on my GED math section. formulas are provided, it's mostly basic algebra and geometry. It doesn't get that advanced.

Science was the hardest for me on the test. It has some biology and chemistry (you DONT need to memorize the periodic table or chemicals) but it has quite a bit of physics. I dropped out of my physics class so I was lost when it was on the test. knowing formulas and common sense is what will help you ace it. :p

social studies is pretty easy. You don't need to memorize dates or anything. It's all comprehension. You read a paragraph and answer a few questions about it. There is a bunch of political cartoons and reading maps. so you don't need too much knowledge on history, you just need to be able to understand what is being implied. hence: 'comprehension' questions.

Hope that helps answer any questions for anyone getting ready to test. Just take your time, and remember you can always retest if you don't pass the first time. Good luck everyone!!

like2luv Posted - 25 August 2008 15:48  Show Profile
CONGRATS!!!!! I sent out my application to take the GED test 2 weeks ago. I am waiting on my conformation of the date! I have been worried about the science. Looks like I might need to be. I hope you enjoy college. Congrats again on passing your tests and thanks so much for the info.
tracylwolfe Posted - 3 September 2008 15:47  Show Profile
congratulations on your accomoplishment!
awwsmiles Posted - 4 September 2008 9:40  Show Profile
Awwwwh, that wonderful. I finished my GED a few moths ago. Im about to start college classes to.....
taking92108 Posted - 19 September 2008 20:51  Show Profile
Thats great, congrats!!!! I am taking my test mon,tues,and weds. I took the pretest and the director told me I would do great , but I am still so nervous .I have been studying non-stop! I hope I get to post good news!!! I was just wondering how long it took you get your results back ? :)

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