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killalocPosted - 12 August 2008 12:26  Show Profile
Like i passed the pretestes and what not but i was wondering is the test gonna be harder then the pretest or easier?
drugyoungrage Posted - 15 August 2008 14:53  Show Profile
How you doin. what was your average score on the pre test, thats if you dount mind me asking. Mine was 416, i feel so slow i guess i still need some studying to do. Well i've been reading some topics and from what i've been reading they say its not that hard.
Desertgirl404 Posted - 17 September 2008 21:1  Show Profile
i am in ninth grade and i took the test on here and got a 69% i know i shouldnt be worrying about it so early but i thought i might get a head start
shelystarr Posted - 29 September 2008 12:15  Show Profile
so in my town the junior college says if you are not 17 you have to go to the court and get a special permission to take the test like a court order... is this true??
quisha1 Posted - 2 October 2008 11:56  Show Profile
this shit is swap cuz.
quisha1 Posted - 3 October 2008 12:38  Show Profile
yo lil quisha needs help cuz.
rachelltimothy Posted - 17 November 2008 12:48  Show Profile
Need help with g.e.d bad have not been in school in 20 years is there any body that can help
killaloc Posted - 17 November 2008 13:28  Show Profile
ohh sorry for not replying soon been kinda busy but i tooked the ged test and past the reading but not the math i missed the math by 4 points i was so pissed off at it like thay couldnt give me them 4 junky points if u need nethang bout the test let me know besides the math of course
cerpintaxt Posted - 26 February 2009 15:18  Show Profile
jazzoboo you are stupid.<BR>i've been out of school for about 3 years, the test is simple. it's mostly common sense and all you have to do is READ the text. most of the answers are in the text. don't guess.

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