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reticulePosted - 7 August 2008 15:7  Show Profile
Hi all,

I took a practice test here in the math section a few nights ago, scored a 75. I took that first considering my Math skills have always been awful to test myself.

I took a practice test in the recruiter(s) office and scored an 18.. She said it was equivalent to an 34 on the AFQT. I know I didn't sleep and such for two days prior but that is no excuse for me.

The sections I did poor at are as follows.

Arithmetic Reasoning


Word Paragraph Comprehension

What would you recommend I do since I have a week to study and take another practice test ? This site here is great, but only offers one total exam.

Is march 2 success really worth using? The sections are 100+ questions each.. Hard to stay put for that, for me at least.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. It's been since 03 when I received my GED would you recommend hiring a tutor or just use online resources or my Barons ASVAB book?

Pamalicious1 Posted - 8 August 2008 10:24  Show Profile
When the recruiter gave me the practice test i made a 31. I studied and studied. I took the real test and scored a 26. That really sucked. I would recommend hiring a tutor to help you get a better understanding on your weak subjects. My weak subject is wk. I hope you do well on your test. I take it again on Sept 11.
reticule Posted - 8 August 2008 12:41  Show Profile
Thanks Pam, I hope you do too. </P><P>I think I found a tutor. Except it's a friend of mine who's just out of High School. I figured it would be fresh in her head. Hopefully she knows Math well.</P><P>Word Knowledge. I'm pretty good at it. I would probably say a good start on Word Knowledge is to read the news paper, or online news sites; any articles that you find interesting. If you don't understand a specific word, look it up online @ dictionary.com</P><P>I don't think WK is really that important. Just about every MoS I looked at requires good Math skills + a good score on the asvab on the Math sections.

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