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carsgobeepPosted - 6 August 2008 10:47  Show Profile
Blah okay, I dropped out of school before high school I've taken some homeschooling courses but they didn't really work well for me, so I decided to try to get my GED.
But being I have barely no high school education will it be harder for me even if I take classes?
Someone said the test is a 6-10th grade level, so I'm hoping I can do it.
Any advice? :]
Desertgirl404 Posted - 17 September 2008 21:4  Show Profile
im in 9th grade but i took the test at the beginning of 8th grade and i got a 69% i say study Algebra 1 and pre algebra and you'll do fine
taking92108 Posted - 19 September 2008 20:39  Show Profile
I think you should just go take the test, they changed a few things , if you fail one or two parts of the tests ,you only have to take the parts you failed again ,not the whole ged test. I am taking my test on mon,tues and weds of next week and I was told by the director of the adult education at my school that you can get up to half the questions wrong on each test and still pass! Hope that helps with the anxiety :)!! I am nervous too, but I am just going to take it!

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