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Kempton1Posted - 6 June 2019 0:8  Show Profile
I have been on this math test roller coaster ride for 1.5 years. The highest score I've reached was a 144. After others are 132-144. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong in this situation. Please give me some of sort advise, if possible on how to pass this test. I have pass all the other subject. I was A/B honor roll student 30 plus years ago. Math was my favorite subject, but now I'm hating it. Please HELP.
Nick1818 Posted - 8 June 2019 21:39  Show Profile
just dont give up , i keep calling it off , but i still go back at it , i got to pass one day
lisajohny543 Posted - 31 May 2020 23:49  Show Profile
Don't be sad, try-hard I hope one day you will successfully pass your exam, I don't know from where you are doing preparation but I recommend you to get good writer's book from ReeCoupons because I saw different writers books on there, I wish It will help you.
Nickharvey843 Posted - 11 August 2020 16:50  Show Profile
I say try to find what's easiest for you to learn it so in the books they tell you how to learn it and what it is whatever helps you retain it apply it in that manner... so if its re****tion' that helps you learn easier do it that way visual aids, make flashcards word association, make a rhyme to help you remember. You have to find what's right for you.<BR>I know for me I am best at using logic to conclude my answer. So if I do not sure I take the best information I have to me and apply it and use my intuition.
Rachel_Fields Posted - 14 September 2020 0:50  Show Profile
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