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damoggPosted - 9 July 2008 20:40  Show Profile
My daughter didn't study for the asvab at all and scored either a 77 or 79 on the real test. Unfortunately they dq'd her because during her physical at MEPs they said her thyroid was enlarged. She went to her primary doc and had it checked out as well as a blood test which all came out normal. She did a waiver and submitted to MEPS again. She met with them and again, they say her blood test shows that although it is in normal range, it could possibly lead to hypothyroidism in the future. She has been working with her recruiter, tutoring others for the ASVAB, running errands and just trying to be involved down at the office. She is dedicated to the NG but unfortunately, they are dicking her around due to this alleged thyroid issue. She is once again sending through a waiver hoping for another review. She has scheduled her college around this entire thing and now it may all fall through. It is frustrating to her to be tutoring people who can't seem to pass yet she passed, feels fine and they DQ'd her. Is there anything else she can do?

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