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Desertgirl404Posted - 29 June 2008 10:47  Show Profile
I'm going into ninth grade, and I know I shouldn't be worrying about the SAT, but I took the practice SAT test and it was hard. What should I study and what is everything in the test?
HillaryJane Posted - 26 September 2008 12:35  Show Profile
I would say to get SAT prep books at your local bookstore (Barnes and Noble/Borders) and find some sites on line for tutoring or help. I found the more I prepared myself for these exams I did much better than going in blind.</P><P>Here are some sites I found to help you prepare:<BR>http://www.kaptest.com/index.jhtml<BR>www.edufire.com<BR>http://www.ivybound.net/ - I think this is for those that want to go to an Ivy League College<BR>http://tutoring.sylvanlearning.com/test-preparation/index.cfm

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