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Casperx3Posted - 12 June 2008 13:23  Show Profile
man i cant ever do right. i wish that my one true love would stop trippin because i really do love her, and i want to make it work. but she gets mad at me for the littlest things.

baby i love you and im sorry for anything that i did to make you mad. EVERYONE I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT I AM APOLOGIZING TO MY ONE TRUE LOVE.

baby i love you and im sorry.

im apologizing for something i dont even know what i did. so baby please tell me what i did wrong!

Adamsgirl Posted - 12 June 2008 19:53  Show Profile
did u take the test is it easy?
quisha1 Posted - 9 October 2008 12:5  Show Profile
what was your scores?

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