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SexyMandyPosted - 12 June 2008 13:10  Show Profile
hey ir eally got to talk to you
Casperx3 Posted - 12 June 2008 13:12  Show Profile
about what?
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 12 June 2008 13:13  Show Profile
i dont want to fuck with u know more and dont ask me no ?
SexyMandy Posted - 12 June 2008 13:14  Show Profile
how i feel about brandy i really do love her and i feel like ive taken advantage of her love and i feel so bad
SexyMandy Posted - 12 June 2008 13:15  Show Profile
thats grimy
Casperx3 Posted - 12 June 2008 13:20  Show Profile
well she probably still has feelings for you too so why dont you just talk to her about it and see if you guys can work the shit out?
SexyMandy Posted - 12 June 2008 13:20  Show Profile
you know im scarry of rejection
Casperx3 Posted - 12 June 2008 13:24  Show Profile
ill talk to her for you okay bacu? i love you and im about to get off the computer becuase i dont want to be on anymore. </P><P><BR>i just lost my girlfriend over something i didnt even know i did. i dont even know why she mad at me. damn, i cant never do right bacu!
SexyMandy Posted - 12 June 2008 13:29  Show Profile
like i said before get the fuck over it and stop wasting your time

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