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BabyGangsta09Posted - 10 June 2008 10:52  Show Profile
why u think i suppose 2 wait on u until u bome home and u not tryin 2 bome home
Casperx3 Posted - 10 June 2008 10:54  Show Profile
you aint going to wait any fucking ways shit you all up haleys ass and other peoples and you cant even make time to come fucking talk to me. shit.
Casperx3 Posted - 10 June 2008 10:55  Show Profile
and you said you was going to stop doing one spacific thing because i didnt want you doing it... but you still doin it... why?... nevermind. i dont care... do you.
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 10:56  Show Profile
man fuck it u think i pose 2 be up your ass 24/7 hell no keep havin feelings 4 who ever
Casperx3 Posted - 10 June 2008 10:58  Show Profile
i dont have feelings for anyone but you. but shit promise you sitting there and you didnt say one fucking word to me today... what a nice relationship right? shittt.... how are we supposed to be together if you dont fucking conversate with me?
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 10:58  Show Profile
so fuck it if u dont care yo
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:1  Show Profile
shit u tell me i love u
Casperx3 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:1  Show Profile
when the fuck did i say i dont fucking care michela? your fucking with my got damn head.. shit leave me alone. shit you switchin up... one minute you want to be with me and the next you dont.. so whats it gonna be?
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:1  Show Profile
so whats its going be yo
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:2  Show Profile
its whatever with me yo
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:17  Show Profile
bitch i said i love u
Casperx3 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:27  Show Profile
who you telling you love? and shit im asking you what its gonna be... remeber you make the rules in this relationship.. you run it.. so you make the call.
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:46  Show Profile
i told u gurl
Casperx3 Posted - 10 June 2008 11:51  Show Profile
she dont got no one on check. and no you didnt tell me promise. so go ahead and let me know.
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 10 June 2008 12:11  Show Profile
that bs yo i love u baby
Casperx3 Posted - 10 June 2008 12:13  Show Profile
why is it BS? you asked what it was gonna be and i said im asking you because you call the shots... you wear the balls not me.. remember? i love you too boo<3 but you just be making me mad sometimes...
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