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priyanka1980Posted - 6 September 2002 12:56  Show Profile
Is anyone out here preparing for GRE general test?
sasidharkasturi Posted - 21 September 2005 7:13  Show Profile
I want to prepare for GRE.Can you help me?My e-mail id is:sasidhar_kasturi@yahoo.co.in
translatinga Posted - 8 October 2005 12:53  Show Profile
I am preparing for GRE, too. March 11 is approaching....
aceGRE Posted - 17 November 2005 23:11  Show Profile
Cool GRE cell phone app:<BR>I have always found that all the GRE/GMAT word lists and test material provide too much information. I was looking for a small application and actually found this one, which is a very small but powerful list. It works on cell phone so comes in handy during wait times.<BR>GRE Tought Words&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?siteId=1&amp;productId=177348&quot;&gt;GRE Tough Words&lt;/a&gt;
adhi2823 Posted - 27 February 2006 17:58  Show Profile
I am trying to give GRE exam as soon as possible...so anyone wanna discuss abt GRE...it sucks...esp..English....
aemonten Posted - 10 March 2006 16:21  Show Profile
I am from chile and in order to study in the us, i am required to take this exam, and I am finding the verbal part really difficult; specially the relations part. How can this be improved?
gopi1828 Posted - 4 September 2006 10:10  Show Profile
How can I prepare verbal section.Are there any web sites where I can find some previous GRE test papers.<BR>My e-mail is gopi1828@yahoo.com
merfat23 Posted - 9 September 2006 7:3  Show Profile
I would like to take part in it can anyone help me
jc470 Posted - 18 September 2006 0:9  Show Profile
hi any doctors taking the g.r.e. sometime now...jc470@hotmail.com
sasifromhyd Posted - 1 October 2006 6:36  Show Profile
I am giving my exam on oct31st.<BR>Is anyone having same date?
smns021 Posted - 16 October 2006 7:4  Show Profile
Can someone help me please! My sister needs some tests for practise, and I want help her to find them... Does someone knows where can I find something for her? If someone can help, smns021@yahoo is my email so, write to me please! Thanks
viggneshk Posted - 23 January 2007 10:24  Show Profile
hi evone i am going to write my gre on april 2 give me some suggestions on verbal preparations my email id is viggnesh_k@yahoo.com
Kendall523 Posted - 23 December 2007 2:26  Show Profile
If you need help with analagies, contact me. I can offer some tips
Kendall523 Posted - 23 December 2007 2:26  Show Profile
Oh I forgot, my email is kendall_523@yahoo.com
shamschowdhury Posted - 6 January 2008 1:20  Show Profile
i heard that its posseble to get college credit by GRE subject test. But is it posseble to get College credit by GRE General test or GMAT ? Do any one know about it.?
formceo Posted - 19 February 2008 5:19  Show Profile
I just took a practice GMAT on this website and got a score of 65%. What does this equate to on the scoring scale (0 - 800)?

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