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WETBITCHPosted - 3 June 2008 13:4  Show Profile
Wats up? man this place got boring as fuck wen you left shit I wish I could be out. why you wastin your time on this wak ass shit? and why you aint at skool?
RainbowBalla Posted - 3 June 2008 13:8  Show Profile
cuz i wanna talk to ya'll real talk. and i dont go to skool. haha its fa lames. but im bout ta dip out wid bryson. and plus i got a hang over girl.
WETBITCH Posted - 3 June 2008 13:11  Show Profile
Wat was you drinkin on? shit you been wit anybody 4rm here? Have you talk to karizma lately?
RainbowBalla Posted - 3 June 2008 16:26  Show Profile
nahh i talked ta her wen i get out..but after dat it wuz a wrap. we aint talked ever since. n i kall my caffy n shit but we aint chilled [ yet ]. </P><P><BR>she be on sum other shit tho. like forreal. </P><P></P><P>like in tha kand i liked her....but wen i got outside i aint feel tha same. lol. ionno why. </P><P></P><P>&gt;&gt;&gt;Keep it on tha down low...nobody has ta kno. hahaha]</P><P></P><P><BR>i luhv yw krusty AKA KiD. </P><P><BR>real talk...</P><P><BR>remember wen yew threw my shower shoe in tha trash??

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