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RainbowBallaPosted - 3 June 2008 9:16  Show Profile
..juss incase no one knowz.
RainbowBalla Posted - 3 June 2008 9:50  Show Profile
haha..yeah i caught a chage. but its all good tho ya feel me? </P><P><BR>but nahh i aint gettin dicked down girl...picture dat..like i fucked 2 guys since i been home and NEVER AGAIN...cuz they be trynna treat a bitch like a hoe..and dat aint me. they gon' et slapped...lol</P><P></P><P><BR>whuss good wit yew tho? aww yew n my trisha still 2gther...hehe x0x
Brinasabeauty Posted - 3 June 2008 11:4  Show Profile
heyyyyyyyyy candi
haleyCT Posted - 3 June 2008 11:5  Show Profile
awwww,i fuckin miss you baby mama!!how are you? i love you :)
IGetMoney Posted - 3 June 2008 11:7  Show Profile
RainbowBalla Posted - 3 June 2008 12:56  Show Profile
BABY MAMA:</P><P>i fuckin miss yew to. im so sorry i aint write no one. i juss been busy // in trouble. yew doin good in there? dont let no one bring yew down. I LOVE YOU</P><P><BR>and stop blue lippin it<BR>haha</P><P></P><P>SKITTLES:<BR>heyy bay bay =]<BR>i miss yew to real talk. will yew take care of ym baby mama in there??? i heard yew got an infraction. yew needa be good.

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