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silverdolphin2Posted - 24 August 2002 2:33  Show Profile
I really don''t know what to study? I''m 13 years old, and I really adore mathematics and science (alot). Still I don''t know what to study? Help me, please
morgen Posted - 14 April 2006 17:6  Show Profile
hava you thouth about being docter or ia vet if you love animal
SmartGem Posted - 23 July 2008 15:31  Show Profile
13...you still have a lot of time. but good questions to ask yourself are: what do i like? what do i like to do? am i good at it? what am i good at? do i like to do it? can i combine what i'm good at with what i like? =3
SmartGem Posted - 23 July 2008 15:32  Show Profile
haha. 2002. you're 19 now. xD jkjk

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