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haleyCTPosted - 2 June 2008 8:48  Show Profile
oh,where is everyone @
haleyCT Posted - 2 June 2008 12:16  Show Profile
well shit!!!!!! ?????????? I am nervous bout goin to this college shit... i been tryin 2 remember when yall called me stupid&amp;smart (b/c i do syupid shit)and i really tryna do right, but it seems like shit there really aint no way for me to do right and for everyone to get along and this whole shit w/ cedez damn i dont go with her... and i anit gonna sit up here and taljk shit bout her like she does me but we have our differences and they clash- not the right way for a GOOD relationship!!!</P><P><BR>chela says that you a dumb bitch and that if you aint givin up no <BR>pussy then she leavin !!!! Nah, im just playin but she did call you dumb-she told me to tell you that..;)</P><P>
haleyCT Posted - 2 June 2008 12:43  Show Profile
shit i told you she was just playin bout the pussy part!!!
TINKLEBELL Posted - 13 March 2009 13:16  Show Profile

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