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PremaddonaPosted - 30 May 2008 13:48  Show Profile
Wad up mami where u at I seen them lil a.b u had on they was light weight fly,sike naw they was hard.U aint see me on t.v
Premaddona Posted - 7 June 2008 11:35  Show Profile
Bitch Im from the hood blow me.which yo white pecker wood ass stop tryna b blck den btch u tryna to hard.I kan tell by the way u be on every one dick that u a lame ass hoe dat kuldnt make a dollar on the busiest strips lame bucket asss trick.Bitch ma money long u just mad kus u a lame ass dust bunny probaly rocken the same clothes and shoes from shoes from last year.Hoe get on our level and be youre color go lynch some body or read a book kus im trill hoe and that aint gon neva change hun. ok?l9l

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