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TeeTee17Posted - 27 May 2008 13:12  Show Profile
Text ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! quit ignorin me!! I haven't been on the computer in a while cause of the teacher on my back. They be wanting to write people up now. But get at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss u!!! Get mandy to text me and get carissa too.
SexyMandy Posted - 28 May 2008 8:17  Show Profile
hey tete whats up shit you really havent been on the computer in a while but we still love you
TeeTee17 Posted - 28 May 2008 13:52  Show Profile
HEy!!! How is Carissa? I want me letter Carissa!!!! I love yall too. Im on level 3 too. Im also goin to camp. Tell ty I said to write me and ask did she get my letter from Fat Katt.
TeeTee17 Posted - 28 May 2008 14:6  Show Profile
Oh, and these people in here think they sneaky, peers, but I got a trick for that. i Blueyes, you should know what Im talkin about. Its who I talked to you about at the mpact. But It'll be alright. Best believe because Im goin to shyne regardless. These chaps aint on my level. I need someone who is real with there's. and i hope carissa keeps her shit "G".
TeeTee17 Posted - 29 May 2008 13:52  Show Profile
Heyy!!! yall goin to camp? I love you ty, brandy, and casper!! I miss all you!!!!!!!! I wanna see you too casper! Ty, i need stevett's adress. I knew Fat Katt was goin to take a while to send it to you. I'm working through this shit down her I g2g. Love Yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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