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PremaddonaPosted - 15 May 2008 16:26  Show Profile
Twist ya fingaz up bang muf*cka bang thrwo yo hood up bang muf*cka bang shots out to damu,piru,sur13,c.m.g,hoe hop.darkside,chain gang,h2k,latin kingz,folk,g'lo's,lion king(ma papis on the e way ya no wads sup suwooooop B's up suwwwooopp Im just bickin back bein boo blood
Premaddona Posted - 16 May 2008 14:51  Show Profile
Naw dis aint alexis Ma name is Rado Diaga Giovanni Cha'vrome,make sure you roll the vrome lol B's up
Premaddona2 Posted - 18 May 2008 14:22  Show Profile
Swear ta god wad up baby You c I took ya name.U already know B's up I c u reppin it U still on Homicide B ?And tell me why that gurl u slid yesterday wana bang wit Raga.Rado where u goin ta take yo test.Kus auntie said she was goin ta pick up me and u tmw.
Premaddona Posted - 18 May 2008 14:34  Show Profile
Ma she Dont want it wit rAGA tELL ME WHY DESE LIL GIRLS ON HERE tHINK iM THIS GIRL NAMED ALEX OR ALEXIS OR WAD EVR from Tufts yo.Yo word she was like I dont want beef wit u,Im not tryen ta beef wit u.I rep b's too but that hoe stay wit them crab A*s colors on and she stay erripen it.But she wana yell suwoop when she get round Homicide and yell damu around G'lo's.But when I asked who quoted her on she said nby did and she been on he hood But how she get on when she aint even get jumped on doe.
Premaddona2 Posted - 18 May 2008 14:38  Show Profile
Naw she be throwen up b's doe .Bus when we was n fp she was like wad up blood and she was sayen all her c's wit a b.she was like y u dnt ball me no more u lose ma number lol.But she is tryen doe ta bick it.Bus I told her like man how u gon b on the hood and u stay sayen words wit c's so she switched it up quick and she said she wnted ta go dwn on u fa 100 and that chanel necklace
Premaddona Posted - 18 May 2008 14:40  Show Profile
Omg she alredy did for 100 and I got the necklace on.She was like whats that taste u kame didnt u I laughed so hard kus hse thought I was gon back up.I was like diddy pop yo lol
Premaddona2 Posted - 18 May 2008 14:42  Show Profile
Yo u know dat movie dat old dude wanted me n u ta be n.Dat sh*t is legit Kus he said money first and the lil kids in it aint even dat bad.Dey just want us ta walk wit them on the school scene.
Premaddona Posted - 18 May 2008 14:44  Show Profile
Naw yo he said we only get 1500 for five scenes dats lame yo/I told him 2500 or he could try ta find some one better.U know he gone go wit it.Kus he was like we need some fresh italian faces when um mixed doe.
Premaddona2 Posted - 18 May 2008 14:47  Show Profile
Naw no homo but u is a f*cken dime man and U dont even look black U look full italian and puerto rican.And ya accent is off the meat rack.Where yo get them Dolce and Gabbanna stunna.The ones I got(well we both got for 3 hun starten ta fade already so um dropin 5 on mine like u did.Urs is flly mami
Premaddona Posted - 18 May 2008 14:50  Show Profile
U look jus like me but Better.Naw I weighed maself tdy um 115 I gained like 5 pounds shortie but U know um still thick,and I rock all the new new sh*t lol.Is ur kitty pierced yet,kus I jus got mine done is puuuurfect lol
Premaddona2 Posted - 18 May 2008 14:55  Show Profile
Swear I did too I wana c urs first.What color u get and do u have one ball or two.U l;ike that lil movie UI let u watch Its raw aint it.Them girls do alot fa the doe.And why u copy off my tat hoe.A call me rite now kus I need ta talk ta u about somethin ...Ion want every body readin it.
Premaddona Posted - 18 May 2008 15:2  Show Profile
A um bouta ta start schemin its hela fems and studs on the forum.These girls gay a*s h*ll and they be frontin like they aint u beta tell em I a turn em out ova the web doe lol
Premaddona2 Posted - 18 May 2008 15:5  Show Profile
I know,I think we should open up a service and Me an U a make doe kus we alrdy pick n choose we kan make money man.Alot of them go hard and a do it fa u or me .Al we gota do is get 9 girls and break em off like 90 a piece than go from there shorty
Premaddona Posted - 18 May 2008 15:7  Show Profile
I know hav them hoes on the fax lol Naw bu that white girl I met she a dime and she ridin all dey fa me mami.She a scrape any blck girl she got hands out this world.And she mad thick.Her peoples rich so I had ta put her in the team
Premaddona2 Posted - 18 May 2008 15:8  Show Profile
What happen to that baller fron Jersey wit the hummer and the lexis wit the cute over bite
Premaddona Posted - 18 May 2008 15:10  Show Profile
He lost his job and he actually had the nerve to ask me ta help pay for my meal.I left him rite at the Benny Honnas and bonced.Thats when I met Lalia the hawian chick with the perfect little .... U knw wad um talken bou.
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