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RoxydogPosted - 20 May 2002 13:42  Show Profile
Does anyone know the % you have to get on each test section of the GED to pass?
bettybiach Posted - 26 October 2004 12:36  Show Profile
I was wondering about the scoring also? and is there a real GED test on-line that I can take? If you know please tell me
airborne04 Posted - 26 October 2004 23:43  Show Profile
Ive been looking on the net for the % that you need to pass each test. Im currently in the process of studying for and getting ready to take my ged. The only thing that ive been told is that you need to get a 75% on all ur test to pass
mushroomman2005 Posted - 17 November 2004 10:51  Show Profile
I have a good answer it is very close to 75%
ph34r Posted - 31 January 2005 11:11  Show Profile
What are requirements for taking and passing the GED test?</P><P> <BR> </P><P>To get a GED certificate you must:</P><P>Receive a minimum standard score of 410 or more on each of the five GED tests and an overall average standard score of 450 or more in the GED Test. You must also receive a score of &#226;&#8364;&#339;2&#226;&#8364; on the essay exam. </P><P>What is the passing score for the essay in the GED?<BR> </P><P>A GED Testing candidate must earn a score of 2 or higher on the Language Arts, Writing Test, Part II essay in order to receive a composite score and obtain a passing score.</P><P>A candidate needs a score of 2 or higher to earn a passing score. States may set a composite GED passing score (multiple-choice and essay) that is higher than the current minimum GED passing score of 410. The composite GED passing score cannot be set lower than the GED Testing Service standard score.</P><P> When I receive my GED Language Arts, Writing Test score, how can I tell if I earned a score of 2 or higher on my essay?<BR> </P><P>If you received a score on your transcript in the range of 200-800, you would have earned at least a score of 2 (minimum passing score on the 4-point scale) on your essay.</P><P>If you received a double (**) asterisk on your transcript, then you did not earn a 2 on your essay.</P><P>Note: A single asterisk (*) indicates that you did not write on the assigned topic, and your response was recorded as &quot;off topic.&quot;</P><P>Source: http://www.passged.com
darkstarpriestess Posted - 26 March 2005 15:25  Show Profile
My counselor in Washington told me just 50% on each test or more.
almostout05 Posted - 20 April 2005 9:5  Show Profile
where i''m from you have to make no less than a 420 on each section and average atleast a 450 as an overall score. you also have to make atleast a 2 1/2 or over on an essay that''s scored on a scale of 1 to 4

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