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vashthestampede17Posted - 13 May 2008 2:5  Show Profile
You assholes really should stop cluttering a message board for people who actually do need GED related help.
vashthestampede17 Posted - 13 May 2008 17:38  Show Profile
Ahaha, *lowers level of grammar so you guys can comprehend what i'm trying to get across* MA dude, it aint cool to clutter forumz with your silly converzations, I don't need to take the GED, but it is selfish for those who do need to...get it? *types normally* prison eh....so your pretending that your using this as it's intended to be used, but instead your using it for stupid non-ged related topics, nice...keep doing things which deceive others, seems to be working for you all thus far*sarcasam* have a nice life.
vashthestampede17 Posted - 15 May 2008 2:36  Show Profile
"sh*t we can use what we want when the f*ck we want." Yeah, no wonder you're in prison...you can do what you want huh...how about you get some fresh air tonight..oh wait nevermind...... = p....ok i'm done with you guys. Lights out...I mean goodnight.
Premaddona Posted - 15 May 2008 16:6  Show Profile
Chante sit back ma ni*ga casper will scrape yo Sh*t,bring it a notch down New York stand up <BR>Casper let em know,ello ta all ma hataz elo elo dey know dey know lol

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