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DimaMedvedevPosted - 6 May 2002 14:28  Show Profile
I am very good at Math, Chemistry and Physics, so if u have any questions, ask them here. THanks
DimaMedvedev Posted - 6 May 2002 14:30  Show Profile
How to find out which section is experimental? Well, the actual section that count towards your score are two 30-min verbal and one 15-min verbal sections, and two 30-min and one 15-min math sections. If you see that you are already taking a second 15-mintue vocab section, you will know that one of the 15-min verbal sections is experimental. There is absolutely no way to know for sure which one it is, so always do your best on all sections and don''t try to guess which one is experimental!
shikhartandon Posted - 9 May 2002 8:28  Show Profile
Hey u said u r good at Physics.I just wanted such a person to discuss on Einsteins time dialation theory and what all I found out and My own theory.If u r intrestd mail me to shikhar_tandon@hotmail.com
whoopster101 Posted - 10 May 2002 0:4  Show Profile
one more query; ddyu know if i cud write my SAT I on a saturrday and SAT II on the next day{or vice versa} if the sunday option is available in India??{ i want to do this in october}
DimaMedvedev Posted - 10 May 2002 7:50  Show Profile
I am not sure, but I think you cannot do that. I am pretty sure that Sunday testing counts as a test for the previous day (Saturday). It''s just a way for students to take the test if they cannot do it on Saturday and is NOT another test date. But you still might wanna check with local people who know the answer for sure.
whoopster101 Posted - 13 May 2002 8:54  Show Profile
hey there,<BR> couple more questions since u''r willing to help! Do many of the good universities require math- because they don''t really specify in their particulars for tests; and i need to decide soon between Math IIc and Chemistry- any suggestions. Also, how in this wide world so you select universities from the thousands that are there in the US; obviously i want to play it saffe while applying and not just apply to the really good ones- but it seems humanly impossible to go through those humongous lists of colleges andd finally zero down on a couple!! and thanks a million- u''r help has been invaluable { and very prrompt too!}
DimaMedvedev Posted - 13 May 2002 16:6  Show Profile
Okay. Most colleges don''t care about SAT II test. Those that require it are highly selective colleges (best of da best). And of those that do require it, most require you to take the English Writing, Math, and an elective. That means that you gotta take the Writing test, one of the math tests, and one test of your choice. Some of those colleges say that your elective should be science... Therefore, you should choose Math 2C over Chem. Hopefully one of the other two (IF you are taking three tests in one day) tests is Writing. <BR>How do you choose a college? If you live in the States, apply to some colleges in your state just in case you don''t get accepted to better schools out-of-state. One of my friends, really smart, got a perfect 1600 on his SAT, but didn''t get accepted to any of the great schools he hoped for. <BR>You should also look at population sizes, climate in the area, and criminal stuff. I, personally, don''t wanna live in places where crime happens several times a day!<BR>Also look for schools that specialize in your area of study. E.g. if you want engineering, check out palces like MIT and stuff...<BR>Hope this helps, feel free to ask any other questions.<BR>Dima
nicraf Posted - 20 May 2002 11:30  Show Profile
I need to past my ged exam in about a few weeks. I am very rusty in my fields of math and science/language arts and US history. Can anyone apply me with some help????
DimaMedvedev Posted - 20 May 2002 16:32  Show Profile
Yeah, of course. I can help you in any or all of those areas. The easiest for me is math; science comes second. Feel free to send any questions to medvedbr@hotmail.com. However, I cannot give you lessons or anything like that -- free education is too much, lol. All I can do for free here is answer specific questions. Hope to hear from you soon, Dima.
whoopster101 Posted - 25 May 2002 23:43  Show Profile
hey,<BR> i got my SAT I scores n im kinda disappointed- esply wit math- made a 1420 n 730 in math- my report says i missed out questions- n im sure i answered em all - n im sure i''d hav got atleast 790- dyu know iff there is ne kinda re-evaluation or re-checkin the paper possible- ''cos college board never seems to respond to my queries. n this was my 1st time n i heard it is good to rite ur SATs 2 or 3 times- so dyu think it wud be too late to rite it in oct n my SAT II in nov- im in my sr. yr- rather will be beginnin my sr. yr soon{ begins in june here in india}. my apologies for buggin u again. thanks so much.
DimaMedvedev Posted - 26 May 2002 11:49  Show Profile
whoopster101 Posted - 29 May 2002 12:48  Show Profile
hey,<BR> wud u know anything abt the TOEFL- n doing well in them? as in, is it vital to get a good score?is it that imp? and we students from India, have this problem- academics are really quite tough here- and in school teachers just dont give us good grades- a 90 could jus be the highest in the whole class- which is probly a B+ or somethin for you guys and isnt anywhere close to a 4 GPA- so dyu know if there is any kinda concession you could ask for while applyin to uni.s as my GPA etc wont look tooo good next to an american''s. Would good recommendation letters and good class standings make up?thanks yet again<BR>!!</P><P>
whoopster101 Posted - 31 May 2002 23:46  Show Profile
hey,<BR> i cudnt read any of ur replies{the last 2}- ''cos ive been unable to access the page- for a few days now. im really sorry to bug u but it uwd be of grreat help if u copy n paste ur replies to my mail address- whoopster101@hotmail.com , ''cos ur advice is provin to be invaluable n i dont wanna miss out on it !! thanks!
whoopster101 Posted - 4 June 2002 11:35  Show Profile
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ''80040e14'' <BR>Invalid column name ''ICQ''. </P><P>/_includes/general/i_common.asp, line 45 </P><P><BR>this is what ur page says when i open it- has said this for the last 2.5 weeks; what is wrong???
melaws Posted - 20 April 2004 6:21  Show Profile
OK !as you ready help i wish to ask you a question.I don''t know if we can passe our SAT,ACT and other on line
aprillyon Posted - 24 October 2006 15:24  Show Profile
I have been out of school for a while and taking the ACT in a month. I took it the first time 7 years ago. I saw a question on there about rules of logs and I am clueless. Can you help?

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