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TeeTee17Posted - 7 May 2008 12:1  Show Profile
I recently took one of the GED test and I need to know how many points do I need to pass and graduate from the GED program.
haleyCT Posted - 8 May 2008 11:13  Show Profile
All together you have to have a total of 2250, but you have to have @ LEAST a 410 to pass the individual tests. But, if you are really good in a certian subject. you should do your best on that test;so you can achieve your 2250 total. Esp. if you no that you are not so good in another subject.Good luck!!
TeeTee17 Posted - 8 May 2008 13:8  Show Profile
also do you know any colleges that teach high grade criminology?
haleyCT Posted - 8 May 2008 13:10  Show Profile
sorry.im not sure.age?
TeeTee17 Posted - 9 May 2008 12:53  Show Profile
im 17 and ty why you askin
unique01 Posted - 9 May 2008 13:21  Show Profile
she was askin b/c SHE is. seriously...
haleyCT Posted - 9 May 2008 13:22  Show Profile
What exactly do you wanna go to college 4/major in
TeeTee17 Posted - 9 May 2008 13:42  Show Profile
i want to major in criminology
TeeTee17 Posted - 12 May 2008 13:19  Show Profile
yea i am
TeeTee17 Posted - 13 May 2008 12:33  Show Profile
im in tufts (tiffany)

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