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brand16Posted - 1 May 2008 12:21  Show Profile
i took the GED per test but i can not find out where you go from there to take the GED this is very important to me!!plez help
rich90 Posted - 1 May 2008 16:29  Show Profile
They should have told u some times that u can take the test. Did they tell u?
brand16 Posted - 1 May 2008 21:59  Show Profile
I took the pre GED and passed it then it made me make a password and give my information ..and then i went to (view your exam history)and my score was 83.06 and i don't know what to do from here i don;t know if that was the actual test or the pre test but when i took it i thought it was the pre test...i really don't know what to do from here do you know if there is any # to this company or any thing...i appreciate you helping me thanks!!!
gardnho37 Posted - 2 May 2008 18:29  Show Profile
This is clearly a Practice Test site. For the actual GED examination, which is held at many different places, depending on where you live, can be first saught by checking out your local City Hall or some Government agency. They could point you to a list of places that hold the actual examination. The cost is usually $65 to take the exam. If passed, after a few days you get your Certificate of successful completion. Hopes this helps.
brand16 Posted - 5 May 2008 12:36  Show Profile
can someone tell me how to get to the GED test!!!! Plez i need to know!!!ASAP
brand16 Posted - 2 June 2008 10:20  Show Profile
does n-e one kno if there is any GED online test to take the actual GED and not the pre test!!!

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