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AleeluhPosted - 8 April 2008 14:14  Show Profile
I took my GED last Thursday, although I haven't received my scores- I am willing to answer questions about what exactly was on the GED as far as what kind of problems, or my topic in writing. Anything as to how hard or easy sections were and explain what to expect in more detail.

I know I was confused about what exactly would be on there and would like to help someone else. So ask anything!

larijo Posted - 9 April 2008 14:34  Show Profile
hey! can u please help me..I'm really anxious about taking the test:(..how/what should I study??<BR>was it hard?
Maylinne9884 Posted - 9 April 2008 15:42  Show Profile
How is the math section? Is it basic stuff or real into detail? How should one go about studying?
Aleeluh Posted - 9 April 2008 15:59  Show Profile
Alright, it is much more simple than any pretest I took. On here and in the book. I would study, but I wouldn't relearn everything. Just the basics.</P><P>The math wa smuch easier than I expected, and math is my worse subject. I would suggest - study precentages. The first section was very easy to me. Just know simple stuff, and know how to read pie charts and graphs. Also, know how to find area, base, etc. It is very easy with the formula sheet though- even if you have no clue most of the time you can check the formula sheet and the answer comes easy.</P><P>Good Luck.
priega76 Posted - 16 June 2008 12:31  Show Profile
So...you never came back to tell us if you passed.I hope you did:)
Aleeluh Posted - 16 June 2008 16:13  Show Profile
I passed everything except Math! I missed it by 5 points. I redid the math and should get the results back Thursday !
priega76 Posted - 17 June 2008 10:31  Show Profile
I'm sorry to hear that and i wish you good luck.I am taking the test tomorrow and thursday:)
Aleeluh Posted - 19 June 2008 3:40  Show Profile
I got my certificate today- obviously I passed the math the 2nd time . :) yay
tambri7 Posted - 29 July 2008 2:38  Show Profile
i will like to know if you can help out with any info. like on the reading,s.studies and math. i will like for you to get back with me and assist me so i can pass as well.
Jessiejoy Posted - 30 July 2008 11:9  Show Profile
I didn't take the pretest, what wit that?
like2luv Posted - 11 August 2008 3:31  Show Profile
Hi! I am planning on taking my test at the end of October. I am not taking any classes and am doing all of my studying from home. I am just wondering about the science part of the test. (I am really bad in science) What parts of it should I study the most?
honies Posted - 16 August 2008 13:12  Show Profile
I took the pretest at a ged class and my overall score is 460 .Do you think I'm ready to take the test or should I study some more ? Is the pretest like the actual test???
honies Posted - 16 August 2008 13:15  Show Profile
Did you passs the test? What is the GED test like?
Carmal Posted - 31 October 2008 21:35  Show Profile
Can you help me plz!! Can I print my results of the pretest when I take it? Can I view which part I did wrong and what I did right on the practice test?? How do I do it? Plz help me I would really appreciate it.</P><P>Thanks....

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