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peteremondPosted - 8 April 2008 6:35  Show Profile
I just finished the practice GRE test that 4tests.com provides. I scored a 71.67%. What exactly does that mean? Would it be a passing score for most graduate programs? Oddly enough I only missed 1 analytic question, but 8 questions in both the quantitative and 8 in the verbal. How do I interpret my score?
shashwat Posted - 21 April 2008 14:51  Show Profile
Id say with 72 odd percent ud score bout 580 in the GMAT, which is in the upper 1/3 of the total test takers. However the GMAT in actuality is a adaptive test and gets tougher as u get the answers right , i dont really think this test was adaptive . but dont worry all the best.
peteremond Posted - 21 April 2008 17:11  Show Profile
Thanks for the response. I am not sure how to interpret the relationship between GMAT scores and GRE scores.</P><P>On the GRE a score of 580 would actually be a low score from what I understand. If I made in the upward 130, I would hope to be above 1000. </P><P>I wonder if anyone else might be able to clarify how a score of 71% relates to a GRE score.

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