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KatrianaPosted - 31 March 2008 16:25  Show Profile
I am glad for the GED test on this site, it has helped me practice. But has anyone ever taken the Bible exam? Good grief, where do they get their test questions? Half of them are very controversial questions, with answers that are nothing more than their opinions stated like they are facts. They should only be allowed to use questions that have black and white answers FROM THE BIBLE and not from their own opinions. Otherwise, they have no buisiness pushing their opinions on other people in the form of a TEST. If you have opinions about certain Bible doctiries, why not post them on a regular site and explain them? With any exam, GED or SAT or this Bible exam, the anwers to the questions should backed by facts and not opinions.
IBDarned Posted - 21 September 2009 22:25  Show Profile
i took it several of the answer were not correct example it said man was created on the 8th day..............when it was the 6th point proven by their own answer to Cain's wife "6th day creation" i had found 7 errors but also see from their one answer which points to Peter as have the keys to Heaven which isnt correct for the 12 were all present and the "keys" were in fact who Jesus was. but since Peter was mentioned it points to the fact their first pope was named Peter and whereas their are getting their basis from. And come on no where in the Bible(KJV) do you find "mating with fallen angels" just as for servived the flood of Noah counting all his family that only 8 Adamic souls not 10 and the Kenites cam way later after Noah not on the Ark. All i can said is "Lord help them"

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