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ChemicalAngel91Posted - 25 March 2008 3:8  Show Profile
How do I write an essay in like 25 minutes?! Plz plz plz anyone...give me suggestions. how can i make the best out of those 25 minutes?
shadowsfall8 Posted - 5 April 2008 16:35  Show Profile
I had the same problem. The main thing is to remain calm. It's difficult to write with so much pressure. I usually try to order my thoughts before I start writing and it just flows from there. If that Doesn't work then hope someone else has more suggestions! Hope this helps
SmartGem Posted - 1 July 2008 10:58  Show Profile
this might not work for you...but i make a mini-outline.</P><P>ignore the roman numerals, letters, and all that crap and just use bullets or dashes.</P><P>write your topic sentence...<BR>and under it, write 2 or 3 main topics you are planning on covering (one paragraph for each topic).</P><P>if it's simply an informational topic, go for 3...but 2 is fine. it saves time and it's simple to organize.</P><P>if you don't have a tragic past or something that distinguishes you from the millions (billions) of people taking that same exam, then avoid personal background for your support topics. ^^;;</P><P>stick with literature of history.<BR>current news is fine as well (you might want to stay away from political or religious views...you wouldn't want to offend your examinees).</P><P>that's kind of the basics...i hope i was some help, even if it was a small, small percentage. xD</P><P>oooh. they like complicated words...but don't focus too much on that. organization of your essay is much more important.<BR>it's nice if you could add two or three (even one) word(s) that are high in caliber. =\ don't stress it though. if you misuse them...that's minus points right there. =_=</P><P>so yeah, keep these in mind and like the previous poster, RELAX.</P><P>of course, don't relax too much. you have to have a good balance of relief and ambition. =] so concentrate and focus on your main topic. remember not to branch off and go off of tangent.</P><P>you should be fine. ^_^</P><P>MUCH LUCK~!
SmartGem Posted - 1 July 2008 10:59  Show Profile
sorry for the double post...but i meant &quot;literature OR history&quot; xD sorry for the typo. i hate them!!!!! &gt;&lt;

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