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anisha1129Posted - 16 March 2008 16:5  Show Profile
i suck in critical reading, especially da reading comprehensions..do u noe where i can get loads of help...i need it...
nebechi Posted - 21 March 2008 5:40  Show Profile
i am a Nigerian i don;t have any idea about the reading of sat books or were i could get them.
Sarah_sharma Posted - 23 December 2017 1:57  Show Profile
The Critical Reading section contains two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section including sentence completion questions and reading comprehension questions. All three sections contain groups of sentence completion questions followed by groups of reading comprehension questions. The sentence completion questions are arranged in order of difficulty; they start with easy questions and get more and more difficult as they go along. If you want a good score in Reading Section, just follow some steps:<BR>&#61656;Before you read the passage, go to the questions and read each one</P><P>&#61656;If the question refers to a series of lines, mark those lines on the passage</P><P>&#61656;Take a brief note about the question</P><P>&#61656;Go back to the passage and Answer the questions.</P><P>If you don&#8217;t have a textbook, you can download some free tests at Testprepkart. This can help you figure out what your particular strengths and weaknesses are. Practice the reading with practice test books know common grammar mistakes. Grammar less free writing makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. You can easily download the SAT Reading material with the help of Testprepkart.<BR>https://www.testprepkart.com/sat<BR>

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