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shikhartandonPosted - 13 April 2002 9:39  Show Profile
Hi friends I am very good at physics maths and chemistry I can give u clear explainations to the toughrst of ur questions and I love helping others so in case u have a problem with ur home work or any algerba prob mail me on shikhar_tandon@yahoo.com
whoopster101 Posted - 5 May 2002 0:18  Show Profile
hey thanks- ive one doubt in phy- how dyu figure out the affective resistance - given a cube- and a 1 ohm resistance on every edge. resistance and capacitance. thanks a million!
shikhartandon Posted - 9 May 2002 8:1  Show Profile
Hey ur question is not clear what actually do u want to find out resistance or capacitance?? Well joining 8 one ohm resistances in the form f a cube does not produce any capacitance.<BR> Well about the resistance it can vary bcoz it depends where the 2 terminals are...,Well here in the case of a cube it can have 3 values. If the 2 terminals are at the 2 endpoints of a body diagnal of the cube the effective resistance gets one value and if the two terminals are placed at the 2 endpoints of a face diagnal it has another value and if the two terminals are on 2 ajacent edges it will have another value<BR> And once u know the three cases u can find out the effective resistance in the same ol routine meathod.<BR>

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