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TasnuvaPosted - 28 February 2008 7:52  Show Profile
I have scored 63.48% in 4test GMAT Exam, how much can i Expect in real GMAT?
shashwat Posted - 21 April 2008 14:54  Show Profile
Id say bout 510 in the GMAT, which is below the average of the upper 1/3 of the total test takers. However the GMAT in actuality is a adaptive test and gets tougher as u get the answers right , i dont really think this test was adaptive . but dont worry all the best.
ruchrucha Posted - 1 May 2008 6:51  Show Profile
hi i have got 54.23 in my math section ...this would be equal to wht gmat score?
JMcCaffrey Posted - 1 May 2008 22:56  Show Profile
I got a 90.83% on the GMAT test. I wish they would provide a 200-800 equivalent score.
angelw2612 Posted - 19 June 2008 2:39  Show Profile
I got 94.23%. How many scores I may expect to get in real exams?
Ajo2000 Posted - 7 August 2008 12:29  Show Profile
I scored 100% & 94.23. I can't tell which id the overall score...how much would that be?
ruschika Posted - 13 September 2008 4:51  Show Profile
i scored 87.6% how much woudl that be on the 800 scale?</P><P>this is the first time i took a mock test - how much improvement do people normally see after practicing for a couple of months?
tsukahara05 Posted - 21 December 2008 16:53  Show Profile
Hey people... to figure out your GMAT equivalent, just do a ratio! (you should know this!) For, because you can safely assume that a perfect 100% on the practice test corresponds to about an 800 on the real GMAT....</P><P>do a ratio...</P><P>100/800 = your %/ X</P><P>where X will be approx = to your real GMAT score!</P><P>So, if you got a 90.83%, then </P><P>100/800 = 90.83/X.... so solving for X....<BR>you get that your score is around 722.</P><P>Hope this helps! :)
kellygre Posted - 1 September 2009 10:23  Show Profile
I got a 73.3% on the practice exam. Does anyone have a know the equivalent for a GRE score?
bmay100 Posted - 22 September 2009 8:55  Show Profile
tsukahara05, shouldn't you also take into account that the score range begins at 200 and not zero. (i.e. missing every question would give you a score of 200 and not 0) This effectively means that it is 100/600=score/x. You would then need to add 200 points to x at the end to compensate for shifted scale.

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