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fionamnPosted - 28 March 2002 17:38  Show Profile
I am studying for my CLEP - College Math exam. I am 40 years old, and have a copy of CLEP Mathematics by Comex systems. Has anybody used this book as a guide for this particular exam? Can anyone let me know the level of difficulty on the test? Do they have many tricky word problems?
sengkuang Posted - 3 April 2002 22:59  Show Profile
Hello,</P><P>You will do fine. The test is not too difficult. You should get by with normal high school math/algebra knowledge. I used ''Cracking the Clep'' (highly recommended) and ''Math Smart I+II'' from Princeton Review. The test itself contains (too) many questions on probability. If this isn''t your strong point, you can visit http://davidmlane.com/hyperstat/ <BR>It''s a good probability tutorial and completely free. <BR>Your age doesn''t matter: you will pass the test.</P><P>Good luck
kaliannah Posted - 18 April 2002 19:44  Show Profile
I''m using, in addition to a really wonderful tutor, &quot;THE BEST TEST PREP FOR THE CLEP, COLLEGE ALGEBRA by REA.&quot; It''s the book we''ve been studying out of - has 3 full length practice exams and the latest info on CBT. It''s also fairly short and easy to read in comparison to some of the other guides available.
hunkey Posted - 7 December 2005 14:56  Show Profile
Help. I just took a Clep Math test at 4tests.com. I usually am good with numbers but I only scored 40.48 on it. Where can I get help. I have been out of school for 40 years. Decided to go back and study accounting.
Kimberlyhad Posted - 19 March 2006 15:51  Show Profile
I am also 40 and studying for my clep test. I have been studying for Clep exam with the book and CD Thomson Peterson's CLEP Success. I thought that it would all come back to me. but I guess not. Does anyone know if it has alot of Logarithms on the test. Also I was wondering if there are questions on the test that you found were on the study material. HELPppppppppppp
acc3u Posted - 17 October 2006 10:24  Show Profile
http://mathworld.wolfram.com/topics/Probability.html</P><P>which one would be the best to study?
Melssie Posted - 15 September 2008 12:58  Show Profile
The Princeton Reviews &quot;Cracking the CLEP&quot; is definitely the BEST book to review in prep for your College Math CLEP

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