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dailleztcubanPosted - 16 February 2008 20:3  Show Profile
hi i already took the asvab test and failed because im bad with words, if anyone can help me please repost or email me dailleztcuban@Msn.com or aim at dailleztcuban
RyGuy55 Posted - 17 February 2008 17:15  Show Profile
Hey new yorker...</P><P>Im taking the asvab here on Tuesday n i got the book &quot;Avasb 06-07&quot; it has all the words the on going to be on the test!!! I got a few tricks for u also...
dailleztcuban Posted - 17 February 2008 18:29  Show Profile
hey thanks for looking at my post, can you tell me the tricks? or any advice ? thanks! if u have a messenger let me know like msn yahoo or aol aim
rick00706 Posted - 20 February 2008 23:37  Show Profile
hey ryguy55 could you help me out on the word knowledge, im going to take the test in 3 days please help!! thanks
jess36115 Posted - 20 June 2008 14:44  Show Profile
where can i find this book?<BR>
tone510 Posted - 30 October 2008 19:53  Show Profile
hey can u help me out to

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