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thope84Posted - 11 February 2008 18:48  Show Profile
i scored 81%. is this a good enough result to take the real test? any advice?
chunhom59 Posted - 11 February 2008 23:39  Show Profile
Go for it !!!
flowerchild8 Posted - 22 February 2008 13:28  Show Profile
I scored 65 %, horrible! Math and I don't get along very well. Does anybody know a good tutoring site, or a good GED math help book? <BR>I need to pass the real test by May.
thope84 Posted - 1 March 2008 18:13  Show Profile
i took my test and passed. very easy. didnt even study just took the practice test on this site which didnt really help but showed same ways its took. good luck ppl
rich90 Posted - 31 March 2008 19:53  Show Profile
yeah. That is a good grade. U should do fine just take your time.

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