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chunhom59Posted - 11 February 2008 13:48  Show Profile
Finally, I got my GED result!!

Reading 490
Writing 460
Math 540
Science 500
Social studies 530

I couldn't believe I passed the test because I have been living in the U.S. for 1 year and 11 months and I am not native speak. Look at my Language Arts scores very low. Anyway, I made it. I hope you guys pass the test soon!!

msm9724 Posted - 11 February 2008 15:36  Show Profile
Congrasts!! You must fill very proud!! Where are you from..?
zopope Posted - 11 February 2008 16:21  Show Profile
congrast!!Where did you take your test and where do you from?
chunhom59 Posted - 11 February 2008 20:19  Show Profile
I took the test in MA, I come from Thailand. I am a little cure Thai girl. Just kidding !! Next step, I will test TOEFL and SAT and then I will addmission for a nursing program, but I have to work very very hard on my English language. Cheer !!
chunhom59 Posted - 11 February 2008 20:26  Show Profile
msm9724, Yes, I am very proud of myself. I called to my family number in Thailand and told them I passed the test. They also very proud of me because English isn't my primary language. I use English as a second language. My English very poor, you can see at my sentences. Hope everybody will pass the test soon!!
msm9724 Posted - 12 February 2008 9:13  Show Profile
Thats great! </P><P>I am from Costa Rica and I am Studying for the GED Tests, but I will do them in Spanish, sice its my First Language. </P><P>I think it&#180;ll be a little easier than English
chunhom59 Posted - 12 February 2008 10:21  Show Profile
msm9724, your English is perfect. Go for it. If I made it you will make it, too. Cheer !!!
rich90 Posted - 31 March 2008 20:2  Show Profile
Congradulation. was the test hard.

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