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nicegirl77712Posted - 11 February 2008 1:52  Show Profile

I am 17 years old and i want to know how old I have to be before I can take the ged? I also would like to know by taking the G.E.D will that still mean I can go to any college I want?

chunhom59 Posted - 11 February 2008 23:24  Show Profile
At least 18 years old. Somebody says, some colleges accept the GED certificate and some colleges do not accept it. You have to find out which college you want to apply. I used my high school diploma from my country applied to a college in the U.S., but my college also accept the GED !
flowerchild8 Posted - 22 February 2008 13:34  Show Profile
If you look in the front cover of the Barrons GED Book there is a list of phone numbers for each state. You can call the number to find out the rules for your state. I know that in Michigan you have to be 18, but here in Arizona if you're parents sign a paper giving you permission to take the test and it's witnessed and signed by a notary then you can take the test at age 16+. Rules like laws vary state to state. I hope this helps...
flowerchild8 Posted - 22 February 2008 13:46  Show Profile
Here in Arizona you also need a form giving the date you officially withdrew from school... Does anybody know how to go about that if you withdrew from being homeschooled? <BR>Can anybody tell me more about the GED age waiver?
rich90 Posted - 31 March 2008 19:58  Show Profile
at least 16

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