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gedboy2008Posted - 10 February 2008 0:54  Show Profile
I been out of school for almost 4 year just wondering how long usually takes people to pass ged test?
msm9724 Posted - 11 February 2008 13:34  Show Profile
I am the same as you... I have 1 month studying for the Ged Tests now and it really takes a little time getting used to Studying again... But I am advancing fast... I also have a teacher 3 times a week that guides me with the studying etc...</P><P>Get your self studying and you will start remembering lots of things from school... The idea Is to prepare very well. </P><P>It doesent matter how long it takes you, what matter is to Destroy the GED Tests!! and Pass them all ;-)</P><P>Good Luck!!!</P><P>Marcelo
rich90 Posted - 31 March 2008 20:3  Show Profile
3 to 4 months

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